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When It’s Time to Buy a Medical Alert System

Best Medical Alert Systems – 2019 Best Overall Value A one-stop provider of medical alert solutions, with 24/7 monitoring center, and best-in-class customer service.​1-800-799-6917 See Pricing Best Customer Service 40+ years of reliable experience and the first service provider to have customer friendly service policies.​1-866-249-2371 See Pricing Most Chosen Consistently ranked one of the top […]

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A Buyer’s Guide to Home Security Cameras

Quick Navigation Surveillance cameras: security cameras explainedBrief historyWhat home security cameras doSecurity cameras and surveillance (CTTV) camerasHome security and crimeCommon types of home security camerasDesirable features to consider in home security camerasCosts of home security cameras Surveillance cameras: security cameras explainedThe home security camera market is teeming with all kinds of options and features, which […]

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Burglary Statistics: The Hard Numbers

Burglary crime statistics and factsAccording to the latest FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics, property crime rates – including burglary, larceny, and motor vehicle theft – have seen a significant decline in the last few years: ​The 2015 property crime rate was 14.4% less than the 2011 estimate and 25.7% less than the 2006 estimate.The rate of […]

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