Armorax Medical Alert System Review – 2022

Armorax home security system bundles 24/7 professional monitoring for security, environmental hazards, and medical alerts. While its medical alert features aren’t designed specifically for seniors or people with medical conditions, its panic pendants and key fobs can send a distress signal, and you can program it to stand for medical-only alerts.

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Armorax doesn’t put its medical alert features front and center, suggesting it’s not something they plan on improving in the nearest future. Their panic pendants and key fobs come from the well-established manufacturer, but overall, the system is not slated for seniors or people prone to falling or wandering.


  •, 2GIG and RE Resolution equipment is universal
  • Wearable, water-resistant panic pendant
  • Remote key fob with a panic button
  • Can be configured to trigger medical alerts
  • Up to 300 feet range
  • Cellular and WiFi connectivity


  • Lacks transparency
  • Upfront equipment costs

Quality and Warranty

Armorax base equipment comes from 2GIG and, while RE Resolution manufactures peripherals and accessories. You have to buy the equipment, which suggests hefty upfront investment. But the equipment is compatible with hardware by many other brands and supports most communication protocols you need to set up a few automated tasks for your smart home. Also, you can use the devices with another home security service or self-monitor.

Armorax offers a 3-year warranty on its devices, but the RE Resolution specs sheets suggest the panic pendants and keychain remotes have a two-year warranty. Inquire with the sales agent about warranty on pendants and key fobs just in case.

Finally, Armorax offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and professional installation worth $199 for those who don’t like the idea of mingling with the DIY setup.​


Armorax 2GIG GC2 keypad-enabled and GC3 touchscreen panels come with integrated two-way voice communication, which allows the monitoring station to call you directly in the event of an emergency.

There are two ways you can activate a medical alert here – via a panic button pendant, and the key fob remote.

The panic pendant is compatible with 2GIG but also works with GE and Honeywell, so if you switch at a later point, you can keep using it. The pendant is portable, fully-sealed and water-resistant. Note, however, that water-resistant means you can have a shower while wearing it, but you should not submerge it entirely, although it’s been tested to survive up to 1-meter submersion.

Features include:

  • A single red button has a nice feel to it and is easy to use.
  • An embedded Led light blinks every minute to confirm the device is functional.
  • The pendant has a reliable RF signal within a 150-foot range of your control panel.
  • The panic button ships with an elastic band and a neck pendant, so you can choose how you like to wear it.
  • The battery should last 4-6 years, but it is sealed and non-replaceable.
  • The temperature range is from 0F to 120F.

When you press the panic button, the unit sends a distress signal to your control panel, which routes it to your monitoring station. An agent then tries to call you via the two-way voice assist. If you can’t be reached, the monitoring station dispatches help to your home.

You can request your panic pendant to stand for medical-only alerts, which is essential since many people in the middle of a medical emergency may have difficulty breathing, let alone talking to confirm they need an ambulance instead of the police.

The second option to trigger medical alerts is to configure one of the buttons on your remote key fob. It’s not water-resistant, and it doesn’t have an elastic band, so you can’t wear it at all times, but it’s more compact and multi-functional than the panic pendant.

The key fob features include:

  • Tactile button click confirms the button has been pressed.
  • The embedded LED light blinks for feedback.
  • Recessed buttons help avoid “pocket false alarms.”
  • The key fob ships with a full pivoting built-in key ring for tangle-free storage.
  • It has a 300-feet range and runs from a GP27A battery with 4-6-years lifespan.


With Armorax, you can choose to pay-as-you-go or sign a three-year agreement. Early termination fees apply if you choose to cancel early.

Their three monitoring packages are:

  • Basic at $34.95/mo – 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Intermediate at $39.95/mo – monitoring, mobile app, video surveillance
  • Advanced at $44.95/mo – monitoring, mobile app, video and home automation

A 36-month contract provides discounts on your equipment ($99 on the Base instead of $649). Also, your monthly fee is locked during your contract.

Both the panic button pendant and the key fob are priced at $29 each, and the Base system kit includes one key fob. The panic pendant is only available as add-on equipment.


Armorax outsources its professional monitoring to COPS Monitoring, a UL-listed, CSAA-approved center licensed to operate in all 50 states. Their response times are “under two minutes,” while the system sends alerts to your mobile app, email, or a text message.

Armorax doesn’t want you browsing the equipment specs and pricing by yourself. Should you have any questions, you have to deal directly with their sales agents. Fortunately, their live chat runs around the clock, and the agents are quick and helpful.


Although the DIY installation is fairly hassle-free, it is not necessarily so if it’s your first time installing a security system. The control panel is plug-and-play while the pre-programmed sensors come with adhesive strips. But good luck finding a guide or a manual on Armorax website.

And while reaching a sales agent is easy, getting through to their tech support for help installing your system may not be so fast. Alternatively, you could opt for a professional installation, which is pretty expensive when compared to competitors’ rates.

Things to Consider

  • Armorax is a relatively young company, with just three years on the market and few reviews from existing customers.
  • It lacks transparency and a functional knowledge base.

Important Tips

  • You can set the GC3 touchscreen panel to announce “Entry 1” or “Motion Detected” when your sensors are triggered, even if the system is disarmed. This is helpful if you have small children and want to keep tabs on their whereabouts in and around the house, pool, or garage.
  • If you buy a camera, you get 30-day cloud storage that saves up to 1,000 three-minute clips. For continuous recording, you need DVR solution.