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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is a home security system a worthwhile investment in Boston?

Boston’s conveniently located amenities, wide variety of attractions, and idyllic neighborhoods make it one of the most interesting cities to live in Massachusetts.  Unfortunately, incidents involving crime have also made it necessary for Boston residents to be vigilant against theft and home burglaries. While Boston’s property crime rate is 12% lower than the national average, the city’s violent crime rate is 87% higher than the rest of the state and 75% higher than the national average, which is why it’s imperative to take a hard look at your home’s security. 

What does a home security system come with? 

Surveillance cameras are usually the first things that come to mind when thinking of a home security system. Some systems are more advanced than others, however, and include components such as motion sensors, alarms, window and door sensors, as well as automatic door locks. Each component is designed to add a layer of security to your home, protecting it from potential threats. New wireless systems even come with home automation features that allow you to control cameras, locks, and alarms remotely. 

What should I look for when buying a home security system in Boston?

With approximately 26 incidents involving property crime – including burglary and vehicle theft – occurring in Boston each day, it’s important to look for a capable system that provides round-the-clock surveillance in your home. For starters, you want a system that comes with indoor and outdoor cameras. Doors and windows are obvious points of entry during a burglary, so consider getting a system with door and window alarms. From here, you can then move on to features such as automation, which allows you to control and monitor your home security system on your smartphone or tablet device.

I rent an apartment. Can I set up a home security system?

Depending on your agreement with your landlord, you may not be allowed to make a major renovation or change in your unit. If you’re thinking of installing a home security system, this restriction may rule out wired systems, which usually require you to drill holes in walls or floors for wiring. Fortunately, you still have the option of a wireless security system, which can be installed virtually anywhere since each sensor and camera’s signal passes through walls and other obstacles. And if you want to move in the future, you can take as many of your security system’s components with you to your new home.  Unlike wired systems that have exposed wiring between each component and the control panel, a wireless system is also safer against both intentional and accidental damage

What is an alarm monitoring service and why does my home need it?

While simply having a security system is enough to dissuade criminal elements from breaking into your home, alarm monitoring gives you the peace of mind knowing the authorities are on standby to respond to your needs.  Alarm monitoring is a service provided by home security companies that creates a dedicated line of communication between your home’s security system and the central station of your home security provider. If your security system detects an emergency event, such as a broken window or door, a signal is instantly sent to the central station, which determines whether the authorities should be notified and sent to your home for your safety. 

How much does it cost to set up a home security system in Boston?

The bulk of a home security’s cost will come from the price of the system itself. This can be anywhere between a few hundred to a little under a thousand dollars, depending on how advanced the system is and how many devices it comes with. Advanced wired systems may require professional installation, which could set you back by another few hundred dollars. Once you have these initial costs out of the way, you typically only have to pay for alarm monitoring, which typically costs between $15 and $40 per month.