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Frequently Asked Questions 

How important is a home security system when in you live in Colorado Springs?

In larger cities, there’s almost always “pockets” where crime is more prevalent. With a population that hovers near half a million people, there are plenty of opportunities for criminals to prosper. We all hope that our homes won’t be the target of criminal activity but in Colorado Springs, where the rate of property crimes is 19% higher than the average for the state, it’s important to take measures to protect yourself and your property. A home security system is one of the most effective ways you can provide yourself with that protection. 

What’s the best home security system on the market today?

The best home security system is one that’s been custom designed with features that meet your individual security needs. Before choosing a security system, take the time to do an assessment of your home, including both the indoor and outdoor premises, to determine the level of security you need. It’s also important to think about how often you spend time away from home, what you expect from your alarm monitoring service, and whether you’re interested in automated security capabilities. 

Is there an advantage to a choosing a wireless home security system?

Professionals will often tell you that wired home security systems have an advantage over wireless, however this is arguably not the case. Today’s wireless home security systems are far more sophisticated and reliable than their predecessors. Modern wireless systems are easier to install, offer automated home security capabilities, and can be moved if you change residences in the future. 

Does the reliability of a wireless system compare to one that’s hardwired?

Today’s wireless systems are equally as reliable, if not more so, than wired systems. Hardwired systems are reliable only to the point that nothing interferes with their wiring – like a natural disaster, electrical issues in your home, or a savvy predator that knows exactly which wires need to be cut to disable your system. These factors alone make wireless systems a noteworthy contender in the reliability department. 

What about installation? Do I need a professional to install my wireless home security system?

Another bonus of choosing a wireless system over one that’s hardwired is that installation is much more streamlined. With wired systems, there are electrical components to consider, and really should only be installed by someone who is completely comfortable working with both wiring and electricity. Not to mention, wired systems usually require some sort of drilling or modification to the structure of your home. Wireless systems are simple to install yourself, requiring nothing more than a few tools and a little bit of time. 

If I invest in a system, will it really make my home safer?

This is a question that home security providers are often asked. It’s difficult to gather statistics on crimes that never happened, however it is possible to learn more about what motivates a criminal. When asked, criminals were more likely to skip a home with a security system in place in favor of an easier target. A burglar is going to opt for a target that’s a quick in and out, where they’re not likely to get caught. Having a home security system in place makes your home a less desirable target. 

Is home security a major expense in Colorado Springs?

The term “major expense” is relative, but most people are pleased to discover there are home security options that fit easily within their budget. In Colorado Springs, you can expect to pay upwards of several hundred dollars when first installing your home security system. Prices generally range from about $600 to over a thousand dollars, depending on the system itself and whether you opt for DIY installation (not recommended with wired systems). Wireless systems are generally less expensive due to the costs saved on installation. Once your system is in place, the only real cost (aside from any maintenance) is the monthly fee paid to your service provider – which can range from about $20 per month to over $50.