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Frequently Asked Questions 

Why do I personally need a security system for my home in Denver?

With its mountainous backdrop, Denver is a beautiful, scenic spot to call home. There’s plenty to love about living in Denver, but the crime rate isn’t among its top attributes. In fact, the crime rate in Denver earns it an “F” rating and can be a deterrent for people moving into the area. Denver exceeds the national average in all types of crime and comes in at about 41% higher that the rest of the state. If you call Denver your home, it’s important to look at the available home security options in your area. 

What’s included in a home security system?

When you think about the features of a home security system, what comes to mind? Many people immediately think of cameras and noisy alarms, but today’s systems are much more sophisticated and complex than this. When you install a security system in your home, you should expect to be protected through a number of features, including both indoor and outdoor cameras, door and window alarms systems, environmental alarm systems to warn you in the event of fire or carbon monoxide threat, and automated capabilities that allow you to monitor your home security remotely. 

What is automated security, and is it a must have option?

Automated security is a feature that allows you to operate, monitor, and manage your home security system from anywhere that you have access to a central digital hud. Automated security systems are designed like smart home components. These features have become more important as people are spending more time away from their homes. Automated security is a must if you travel frequently, spend a significant time away from home, or have a need to keep tabs on people you have in your home while you’re away. 

How difficult is it to install a home security system myself?

This depends on what type of home security system you’re interested in installing. Generally speaking, you won’t need professional installation if you choose a wireless system. Most people are able to install these systems easily on their own with a few tools and the ability to read instructions. Wired systems are another issue. Wired systems are hardwired into your home. This means that the installation is more intrusive and will likely involve at least a little drilling, and familiarity with electrical systems. For best results, it’s best to leave the installation of wired systems to the professionals. 

My home in Denver is only temporary. Should I still consider a home security system?

Just because you’re not living in your forever home doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the same level of home security protection as you neighbors. Home security options exists for those who live in temporary housing situations, including renters of apartments and houses. If you’re not planning on staying at your current location for an extended duration, a wireless system is your best bet. Wireless systems are easy to install/uninstall and put minimal stress on the house or apartment you live in. 

How effective is a home security system for protecting my home round the clock?

Home intruders are looking for the right opportunity to break into your home. This might be when you’re away at work or on vacation, but it might also be while you’re asleep and all is quiet. You can never be sure of when a home invasion might occur, but a home security system with a monitoring service works to protect your home 24/7 – regardless if you’re there or not.

How much does a home security system cost in Denver, CO?

There is a range of cost structures for home security systems that spans from relatively inexpensive to outside the scope of the average person’s budget. The type of system you choose, and the features that are important to you are going to factor into the cost of your system. The majority of homeowners in Denver paid an average of $680 for their home security systems. This includes the system itself, and installation. This price also factors in monthly fees that are paid to monitoring service providers.