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Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I get by without a home security system? Do I REALLY need one?

No matter how optimistic you’re trying to be, if you’re looking at the facts and statistics, it’s hard to imagine how you could get by without a home security system in the Portland area since it’s only the 31st safest city in Oregon. Property crime occurs 90% more often than in other cities in Oregon, and 140% greater than the national average.  Regardless of how safe you feel, the reality is that a good home security system is vital to protect both your family and your possessions.

What steps can I take to ensure that my home security system works properly?

If you’re getting your system professionally installed, the company’s trained servicemen will handle all of the testing you need to do. However, if you’re doing your own installation, you’re going to have to carry all that out yourself. Fortunately, that is straightforward to do—all systems come with instructions on how to test the equipment, and it’s usually just a matter of checking each camera or monitor one by one so that you know they’re all connected properly.

Do I need motion sensors?

Motion sensors come with a range of benefits, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need them for your system. The major advantages they offer are convenience and added security. They’re convenient because it’s easy to flip quickly through meaningless footage until any movement was recorded, which can save you hours of time in the long run.  And they’re extra secure because they can, on occasion, detect potential home intrusions that regular cameras simply can’t see. 

What kind of home automation options are there?

Home automation is the latest buzzword when it comes to home security systems, and with good reason. The technology has advanced rapidly over the last few years, to the point where these days it’s possible to get a home security system that offers total automation. On top of checking the video feeds from your cameras right on your smartphone, smart systems are able to tell you if a door hasn’t been locked, and can even remotely lock the door for you. 

How reliable is the current technology?

Reliability is vitally important when it comes to a home security system. Fortunately, particularly with wireless systems, home security systems can be counted on to run correctly even in the most challenging of situations. One example is power outages, during which battery-powered wireless systems will continue to work and protect your home, even if the rest of the power is cut off from the property completely.

Aren’t home security systems prohibitively expensive?

That may have been true at one point, but with the competitive state of the current market, prices are lower than ever. Granted, add-ons and extra features, as well as professional installation, are going to increase the price of the overall package by as much as a couple hundred dollars in total, but it’s possible to find yourself a bare bones home security system from as little as $15/month.