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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is a home security system a necessity in Washington, DC?

As someone who lives in Washington DC, you’re probably very well aware of the crime reputation of the area. However, for people who live and work in the area, the familiarity of it all can make it seem like crime is actually less prevalent than it really is. It can be easy to take safety for granted, especially in a neighborhood you feel safe in. That said, the rate of property crime in Washington, DC is 76% higher than the national average, with 28,843 cases being reported in just one year alone. Considering a home security system in Washington, DC is just common sense. 

I’m interested in a home security system but can’t decide between wired or wireless.

Home security systems are an investment – both in terms of the equipment and installation, as well as the investment in protecting your property. Because the quality and function of your home security system is so important, taking time to consider all the options is key. When deciding between wired and wireless systems, more people today are opting for wireless options. There are several reasons for this. First, wireless systems are easy to install, but they’re also reliable, moveable, and are capable of automated home security protection. 

Is automated home security a perk I should look for in my home system?

In a word, yes. Automated home security isn’t a necessity for every household, but it does offer an exceptional advantage. Automated home security is basically “smart home” capability for your security system. Automated home security allows you to operate, manage and monitor your system from anywhere at any time, as long as you have access to your smartphone or computer. This is a great option for people who spend a great deal of time at work or in travel. 

If I invest in a home security system, can I take it with me when I move?

This depends on the type of system you have. Wireless home security systems are minimally invasive to the structure of your home and can be easily moved from one residence to the next with little effort. Wired systems on the other hand, typically cannot move with you. This is because they’re hardwired into the house. It’s more cost effective to simply purchase a new system than it is to hire a professional to come and uninstall, and then reinstall, your existing wired security system. 

How technical is installation? Will I need to pay someone to install it for me?

If you choose a wired system, then yes, you will need to hire a professional for installation. The only exception to this might be if you personally have experience with alarm system installation, wiring and working with electrical components. It’s not only inconvenient to attempt to install a wired system on your own, it can also be dangerous. Wireless systems are a different story. They can be installed by practically anyone, with only a few tools required. Even if you choose to hire someone to assist with your wireless installation, it costs less because it’s a much quicker, easier process. 

Should I look for a company that provides professional monitoring services?

Trust, reliability, and a solid gold reputation are good starting points. You’re essentially leaving your home in the hands of the professional monitoring service provider you choose. Take the time do your research and read reviews that tell of their reliability and quality of customer service. Accreditation and the reliability of their cellular systems are also important factors to consider. 

What will my monthly monitoring expenses be in Washington, DC?

Monitored services offer a greater level of protection than home security systems that are self-monitored. When you choose a monitored alarm provider, you’ll pay a monthly fee for the services. In Washington, DC that fee can range from a very economical $20 per month, to more expensive options that cost more than $50 a month. Price alone isn’t always an indicator of quality, so make sure you research your options and do a side-by-side comparison before choosing.