Identity Force Review – 2022

Identity Force has been around for four decades offering an excellent solution for individual users. It’s on the expensive side, and it may not be perfect for families, but it’s worth a look.

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Identity Force is expensive, but it offers comprehensive features in a well-designed interface. It is a feasible solution, but if you want complete monitoring enabled for the entirety of your family including kids, you may want to look elsewhere.


  • 24/7 monitoring complete with medical identity monitoring
  • Excellent web interface
  • Delete Now reports
  • Lost wallet and restoration and recovery assistance
  • $1 million identity theft insurance


  • Expensive
  • Manual cancellation
  • Extra cost for child coverage
  • The mobile app lacks in features and usability
  • Negative customer reviews

Quality and Warranty

Identity Force backs its services with 24/7 support, restoration and recovery assistance, and a $1 million identity theft insurance coverage.

Their lower-tier plan has a 14-day free trial and a money-back guarantee, but not their higher-tier subscription.


Monitoring – the company monitors your personal information and detects suspicious and potentially illegal trading and selling of your credentials on the Dark Web. It also monitors public records for criminal, court, and sex offender records and the information about your driver’s license, medical benefits, and payday loans. You can add multiple addresses and phone numbers to monitor for unauthorized address changes.

Additionally, you can set Identity Force to alert you to any transactions exceeding a specific amount as well as keep track of your monthly spending on all your accounts.

Lost Wallet Assistance provides quick help in canceling and replacing your credit, debit, and ATM cards, if you should lose any of them.

Social Security Number Tracking monitors your SSN for an unfamiliar name, alias, or address, which is often a sign of identity theft.

Restoration and Recovery Assistance professionals take care of calls and paperwork whenever you need to dispute a transaction.

Credit Reports in the high-tier plan – you get regular credit reports from the three national credit bureaus. Identity Force tracks your score on a monthly basis and has a credit score simulator.​

ChildWatch – Identity Force’s family-oriented features include basic monitoring of your children’s information. It’s not nearly as comprehensive as it is for the primary account holder, though. If you would like for the complete roster of monitoring features to be enabled for your children, you have to pay the full price for each additional subscription.​

Cybersecurity – you receive a free bundle of SentryBay software, which includes anti-keylogger and anti-phishing modules. It’s not a complete antivirus suite, in a way that it only focuses on keyloggers and phishing scams, but it’s a robust supplement to any computer security system you may be running.​

Alerts – should the company detect any suspicious activity, it sends you immediate notifications to your email or via SMS. Also, you get the report in your dashboard complete with the brief description of the activity and a tag signaling the “risk level” of the event. The description may not be as comprehensive as to describe the issue in detail, so you would have to look into each case individually and contact corresponding institutions and Identity Force support for clarification. But you do have an option to initiate a dispute right from your dashboard.​

An archive of all your alerts is stored under the Associated tab you can view from the web-based dashboard.

Delete Now is a bi-weekly report that gives you an insight into how many websites have your personal information. The report tells you what information the sites display to the world, and what parts of it are available for sale to data brokers.​

Each item on the list comes with a Delete or Opt Out option. Press Delete and Identity Force sends a removal request to the site admin. The Opt Out option requires that you provide Identity Force with a screenshot of your driver’s license, which grants the company the right to request removal of your information from the site on your behalf.​


Identity Force has two plans:

  • UltraSecure – $17.95/mo or $179.95/year
  • UltraSecure + Credit – $23.95/mo or $239.50/year

Both plans have identical features, but UltraSecure+Credit includes credit reports from the national credit bureaus. ChildWatch is an optional addon you can enable for both plans.

Do note that UltraSecure has a 14-day free trial, but UltraSecure+Credit does not. Also, cancellation fees apply if you wish to bail early.


Support is accessible by phone and email. Sales agents are available on weekdays during work hours, but ID restoration experts are on hand 24/7.

The company blog runs a recount of recent data breaches you want to keep an eye on for hacks that may put your data at risk. The website also has FAQs and a knowledge base of terms, tips and tools useful for identity protection, as well as calculators for mortgage consolidation, loan or credit card comparison, auto leasing versus buying, and more.


Setup is painless as long as you have all the information at hand – driver’s licenses, SSN, accounts, you name it. The web-based interface is clean, intuitive and divided into seven self-descriptive tabs – My Services, Alerts and Reports, Download, Account Management, Resources, and Support.

Identity Force recently released an updated build of its mobile app for iOS and Android. Although it’s a step forward compared to its previous version, it still is a bit clunky and lacks usability. Primarily, it’s a monitoring app – you can’t make any significant changes without the browser-based dashboard.​

Things to Consider

  • Identity Force only monitors for top ten most recognized banks.
  • If you choose to cancel your account, the procedure is manual.
  • Child coverage is provided for a separate fee if you wish to monitor your child’s identity, SSN, complete with the identity theft insurance.
  • The company boasts an A+ rating on BBB, but the overwhelming majority of customer reviews are negative and revolve around poor customer support, technical issues and misunderstanding of the ChildWatch feature. Some customers complain the company doesn’t honor its refund policy if only some features don’t work.
  • Accidents that take place before you sign up to Identity Force don’t seem to be covered.

Important Tips

  • The free trial only applies to UltraSecure.
  • If an accident happens before you sign up to Identity Force, but is discovered and reported during your membership, you should be eligible for their Restoration and Recovery Assistance.
  • If you choose to pay for a full year in advance, Identity Force provides two months of service for free.