Fire Safety Tips

Last Updated on January 14, 2020

Fire safety statistics and tips

Practicing good fire safety at home remains as important as ever, as the risk of fire, and its destructive potential, never goes away. In 2017, over 1,300,000 fires occurred in the United States, resulting in 3,400 deaths and over $23 billion in damage, with both figures increasing over the previous year.

Protecting your family from the threat of a home fire requires vigilant effort in educating family members, keeping smoke alarms working, avoiding the buildup of flammable material in the home, and having a strong escape plan in the event of an emergency.

We’ve compiled these fire safety tips and statistics in order to aid you in your task, including an important section on holiday fire safety as the holiday season is just around the corner. Fire prevention is a neighborhood effort, so be sure to pass these tips along.

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Holiday fire safety tips

  • Water your Christmas tree everyday. Dry needles can ignite quickly leading to a fast burning fire in the center of your home.
  • Be smart about having fires in the fireplace. Use a fire screen to protect family members from dangerous embers that can ignite nearby objects. Make sure the fire is fully out before hitting the hay.
  • Have your chimney inspected at least once a year by a professional. Built-up chimney debris is a leading cause of fires during the winter/holiday season.
  • Plug light strings into separate power sources. Particularly if you are using three or more strings of lights. Always unplug them before going to bed.
  • Don’t use cheap or worn out extension cords to power holiday lights and displays. You may think you are being frugal, but you are actually exposing your home to fire risk.
  • Be mindful of flammable items such as plastic bags and towels that can accumulate in the kitchen while cooking. Having guests over for Thanksgiving or Christmas can take a lot of meal prep. Don’t allow children to run around unattended in the kitchen with food on the stove or in the oven.

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