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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is a home security system a necessity or a luxury?

Before the market became so competitive, home security systems were expensive and hard to come by, so not many people could afford them. Nowadays, though, the prices are lower than ever, so it’s a viable option—and if you’re living in Louisville, KY, it’s definitely worth considering. Property crime occurs 88% more in Louisville than in other cities across the state, and 75% more than the national average, so it’s a very real threat, and it makes sense to protect yourself as well as you can.

I want to install a DIY system, but I’m worried it’s too complicated. Is it hard to do?

While the idea of installing your own home security system can sound off-putting, the reality is that it’s often very easy to do, and can be competently performed by just about anybody. All you really have to do is get used to drilling holes in your walls. You’ll need a place to install every camera and sensor that came with your package, as well as a place for the control panel. You’ll also need to be able to run wires from the cameras through to the control panel, if you’re not using a system that is equipped with wireless capability.

Can I get by with only exterior cameras?

It’s best practice to opt for a security system that includes both exterior and interior cameras. This can seem counter-intuitive (why would you need to watch your home’s interior?) but the fact is that in the case of a home invasion, the footage from the interior cameras could prove invaluable for tracking down the perpetrators and ensuring that your life can get back on track as soon as possible. 

Do home security systems really deter criminals?

According to research carried out by UNC Charlotte, yes, they do—in fact, they can deter up to 60% of burglars from taking on your home. This is down to a few factors. For one thing, wireless home security systems can’t have their wires cut, which is often the easiest way into a property for a robber. For another, the reliability and quality of the cameras involved practically guarantee that the burglar will be caught, making any house with a home security system an unappealing prospect for a criminal.

I’d like a wireless system, but wouldn’t it be less reliable than a standard one?

The idea that wireless systems are less reliable than the traditional wired kinds has no basis in fact. The only thing that can possibly throw off a wireless system is a spotty connection, but there’s no reason you have to settle for that—and when you consider that wireless systems work 24/7, even during power outages, it’s easy to see that they’re probably even more reliable than wired versions.

Aren’t home security systems prohibitively expensive?

Not anymore, they’re not. Basic costs for no-frills systems shouldn’t cost more than about $35/month, but it’s worth bearing in mind that any additional features you require are going to drive the overall price up. Factors that can contribute to a more expensive system include more technologically-advanced equipment, what kind of support plan you’re signing up for, and whether or not the system can be installed without the help of professionals, who always cost extra.