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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is a home security system necessary for my family’s safety?

To make a long story short, yes, it absolutely is. Property crime has been on the rise across the United States as a whole, and living in Arlington, Virginia doesn’t mean you can consider yourself safe from all harm. While it’s one of the safer locales in the state, anybody can become a victim of property crime at any time, and there are plenty of home invasions and burglaries that are carried out in areas that are generally considered ‘safe,’ simply because the criminals imagine they won’t be expected there. That’s where a home security system really comes into its own, because it effectively makes you as safe as possible, no matter where you live.

What’s the big deal about wireless systems?

Wireless capability is one of the more popular advanced features to come onto the market as of late, and there’s been a lot of hype made about it. The truth is, though, that wireless systems really do offer you a whole suite of extra functionality not possible with traditional packages. They can keep running even in the case of a power outage, they’re much simpler to set up, and they rob burglars of one of their favorite methods of breaking into a home—snipping the wires.

What does ‘automation’ mean in terms of home security systems?

Automated home security systems essentially just include a bunch of features that computers can control. Amongst these features are things like the ability to lock or unlock various doors remotely from your smartphone, and the functionality to view the video feeds being captured by the cameras on any phone, tablet, or laptop with Internet access. The more automated a home is, the smarter it is. And the smarter your home is, the less you have to worry about yourself.

Do home security systems really put off criminals?

A common criticism of home security systems is that they don’t actually deter crime. However, research recently conducted by a number of different universities confirms that home security systems do, in fact, scare criminals off. And not by an insignificant amount either. Your home is 60% less likely to be invaded if you have a home security system in place.

What do I need to consider when I’m putting together a customized package?

The two main aspects of any home security system are the external equipment and the control panel. The system is controlled by a control panel, which serves as the effective nerve center of the entire operation, while the external equipment includes cameras, monitors, and other sensors. It’s important to take your time over every piece of equipment you want to include, and to ensure that they’re going to be useful for your particular situation.

Aren’t home security systems prohibitively expensive? Can I even afford one?

Historically, home security systems have been too expensive for most regular working people. Recent times, however, have seen an explosion in the number of competing companies entering the market, which has had the knock-on effect of pushing prices down more and more. Basic packages can be yours for as low as $15 or $20/month. Additional features, like professional installation or wireless capacity, will cost extra, and usually to the tune of an extra couple hundred dollars or so.