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Frequently Asked Questions 

Why do I need a security system to protect my home in Atlanta?

There’s a lot to love about living in Atlanta, GA. There are also a few things about the area that aren’t so great – like the crime rate. If you were to look strictly at numbers, you might say that Atlanta is a hot spot of crime in Georgia. The overall crime rate in Atlanta is 78% higher than it is for the state of Georgia, and 108% higher than the national average. With numbers like these, there’s no point in taking a chance on not protecting your home in every way possible. 

I had a hard-wired system in my previous home. Are there advantages to switching to a wireless security system instead?

If you had a hard-wired system in your previous home, you already know one of the major advantages to choosing a wireless system this time around – flexibility. Hard-wired systems involve a complex installation process and can’t be removed – or maybe it’s more accurate to say it simply isn’t worth the cost to have a wired system removed and then reinstalled. Wireless system can be installed easily and are minimally invasive to the premises. This means they can be easily removed and used in your next home should you move in the future. 

Is installation easier with a wired or wireless home security system?

Yes, exponentially. Wired home security systems require the assistance of a professional to install them. There is usually some drilling or other type of modification to the structure of your home. But more importantly, there are also electrical and wiring issues to take into consideration. The installation of a wired system can take the better part of a day and cost you hundreds of dollars. Wireless systems are different. DIY installation is entirely possible with a wireless system, and the whole process shouldn’t take more than an hour or so of your time – and that includes reading the instructions. 

What special considerations should I keep in mind when having an alarm system installed?

You’ll want to consider how invasive of an installation you’re willing to accept. Wired systems might require drilling and modifications to your wiring system. Professional installers know how to accomplish this without interfering with the aesthetics of your home, but the process can still be burdensome. This is especially true if you live in a rental home and will be financially responsible for any changes to the premises. You’ll also want to consider which features are most important to you, so you can have everything installed at once, rather than paying for service personnel to come out and revisit your home. 

What is alarm monitoring, and is it worth the monthly costs?

Alarm monitoring is an essential part of an effective home security system. Alarm monitoring involves employing a service provider to monitor your home security system and respond to any issues. If you’re not on the premises when an alarm goes off, your alarm monitoring service responds. Without an alarm monitoring service, your home security system is basically just for show. 

What should I look for in an alarm monitoring company?

When you start looking at alarm monitoring companies, you’ll notice that you have plenty of options in the Atlanta area. You’ll also notice that there are differences in the level of service these companies provide. Price is important, but you’ll want to look deeper than that when deciding on a company to go with. A reputation of reliability, response, and exceptional customer service are among the top attributes you should look for. 

What are the baseline expenses of a home security system in Atlanta?

The cost of your system will depend on the features included, but you should plan on spending at least several hundred dollars to get started. For instance, a baseline home security system might range anywhere from $200-$400, with additional costs being added on for extra equipment. Some companies allow a monthly payment plan for equipment and the system itself. There are also installation costs, which are more with wired systems, to consider. A typical installation with a wired system can easily cost over $200. Additionally, there are fees associated with your monitoring service which have an average range of $20-$50 per month.