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Frequently Asked Questions 

How important is it to install a home security system in my Austin, TX home?

Texas is the 19th safest state to live in the nation. Considering its size and population density, that’s a pretty impressive statistic. That said, there are certain areas of Texas where pockets of crime can be found. Austin is a great place to live, but the property crime rate is 24% higher than the rest of the state of Texas, and 35% higher than the national average. Crime can happen anywhere, and no matter where you live, a home security system can help keep you safe and reduce your chances of becoming the victim of a home invasion. 

Let’s start with the basics. Should I choose a wired or wireless home security system for my Austin home?

There’s no shortage of opinions on the subject, and at the end of the day, you need to choose the system that’s best for you. That said, wireless home security options are the solution that more people are choosing today. Wireless systems offer several advantages, the main ones being that they have become exceptionally reliable and are easy to install. Wireless home security systems also come with additional capabilities, like automated home security. 

What additional capabilities does automated home security provide?

The automated home security features that are available with wireless systems enable you to completely engage with your system from any remote location, as long as you have your smart phone with you. Much like smart home technology that allows you to control lighting, temperature, and other environmental factors of your home, automated home security lets you operate, monitor, and control every element of your security system from a remote device – whether you’re in the next room or thousands of miles away. 

Will I need to choose an alarm monitoring service if I install a home security system?

For maximized security, yes, you’ll want to choose an alarm monitoring service. When your home security alarm picks up on something amiss, it’s your monitoring service that will be the first ones to respond and react to the issue. Their role is to monitor your system 24/7 and provide you with the help you need, including emergency responders in serious situations. Most alarm monitoring services offer packages that include the home security system itself, monthly monitoring fees, and any necessary installation. 

Speaking of installation, can I handle the installation myself?

If you choose a wireless home security system, then installation is something that you’ll most likely be able to handle on your own. Even people without much technical experience with home alarm systems can manage DIY installation of wireless systems. It’s as simple as opening the package, reading the instructions and taking a few minutes to install the equipment. If you choose a wired system instead, you should plan on having someone come to your home for a professional install. 

What are the monthly expenses of maintaining a home security system in Austin, TX?

When considering the cost of a home security system, you might first only consider the startup expenses, like the cost of the system and any fees for installation. There are also monthly monitoring fees to take into consideration when determining if a home security system is something you can fit in your budget. Fortunately, monthly monitoring fees are relatively inexpensive, with companies offering a range of services at various price points. In Austin, you’ll find alarm monitoring providers that charge fees ranging from $15-$50 per month.