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Frequently Asked Questions 

Can a home security system offer me more protection in Charlotte?

We all want our homes to be the safe place we retreat to at the end of the day. Unfortunately, every time there’s news of a crime in your neighborhood, that sense of comfort is replaced with a little bit of concern for your own safety. Charlotte, NC is a beautiful place to live but the crime rate means it’s necessary to take proactive measures for your own safety. In Charlotte, property crimes are 50% higher than the average for the state of North Carolina, and 62% higher than the national average. Here’s what you need to know about choosing a home security system to protect yourself. 

I want a top of the line home security system. Which features should I look for?

There are some basic elements that you’ll find with every home security system. For instance, door chimes, window and door sensors, alarms, and cameras are among the essentials. Once you start shopping around, you’ll soon realize that today’s options far exceed these basics. Top of the line security systems include wireless technology, full color, HD cameras with pan and zoom capabilities, minute by minute monitoring of indoor air quality, and automated home security capabilities. 

Do I need to install both interior and exterior cameras?

If you want your home to be as protected as possible, then both interior and exterior cameras are recommended. Modern technology has really enhanced the quality and capabilities of security cameras. Exterior cameras can pick up on any suspicious activities, help you keep an eye on kids and pet that are outside, see who’s at your door before you answer it, and with high definition capabilities, allow you or law enforcement to easily identify intruders on your property. 

Interior cameras ensure that everything and everyone inside your home is safe. This means keeping a protective eye on children, caretakers, and service personnel that come and go from your home. 

Is installation difficult, and is it something I can take care of myself?

If you choose a wireless home security system, then you can push aside the worry of needing to schedule an installation and having unfamiliar people in your home. Wireless systems are simple enough to install that the average person can handle it without issue. Wired systems are more complex. If you choose a wired system for your home security needs, it will be necessary for a professional to come and install it. While some home security companies offer free installation, you should plan on paying extra for this service. 

What are the pros and cons of choosing a wireless home security system?

When looking at home security systems, your first choice is whether to go with a wired or wireless system. There are advantages and disadvantages to each, however many people today are opting for wireless systems due to their features and reliability. Here is a quick breakdown of the pros and cons of wireless home security systems. 


  • Reliability. Wireless systems communicate through radio frequency and aren’t dependent on wiring and electricity
  • Easy installation. The installation of a wireless system is a DIY project that doesn’t require hiring a professional. 
  • Removable: You can take your wireless home security system with you when you move. 
  • Remote accessibility: You can do things like unlock your doors or engage a panic button from your phone.
  • Complete home automation capabilities. 


  • Battery operated. You’ll need to check and replace the batteries in your wireless system regular, similar to how you handle smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. 
  • Range. Wireless home security systems are best suited for small to medium sized homes, although many new systems have extended range capabilities. 

What will I pay on average for home security in Charlotte, NC?

There are both initial start up costs and ongoing monthly expenses to consider when looking at how to budget a new home security system. The security system itself, with installation, can cost the average household $500-$600. This amount will be less if you choose a wireless system that doesn’t require professional installation. The monthly fees for alarm monitoring services range from about $20-$50 per month, with plenty of options at either end of the scale in Charlotte, NC.