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The oldest—and possibly the most trusted—home security provider in the U.S.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

I feel quite safe where I live. Do I really need a home security system?

No matter how safe you feel in your neighborhood, the facts of the matter are that Detroit is, statistically speaking, an unsafe place to live. Ranked as number 80 in the list of the safest cities in Michigan, property crime occurs more than 150% higher than in other places in Michigan, and 92% greater than the national average. While it’s great to feel safe, in reality, you probably can’t do without a home security system, for your peace of mind as much as for the safety of your family, property, and loved ones.

Are motion sensors a necessary feature?

Motion sensors are great, but they’re not absolutely required as part of a comprehensive home security system plan. What they are good for, however, is reducing the amount of time you need to spent scrolling through endless footage. Motion sensors allow you to skip directly to the action, making it easy to find out when and where somebody tried to enter your residence without permission. 

Do I really need wireless capability?

Wireless capability is one of the more advanced features offered by home security systems, as well as one of the most expensive. The extra price you pay comes with a range of features, though, and can be well worth considering. For one thing, wireless systems rob burglars of the opportunity to cut the wires of your alarm system. Another way wireless systems shine is by being battery-powered, which means they can continue to function even in the case that your power system gets cut out.

What kind of advanced features should I be considering for my home security system?

There are a wide range of advanced home security features on offer—so many, in fact, that it can be overwhelming trying to make a decision. Some of the more functional advanced features you should probably consider including are motion sensors and infrared cameras (which track body heat, allowing them to see intruders even in low- or no-light conditions).

Do I really need professional installation?

Professionally-installed home security systems can be appealing, because of the fact that you don’t need to lift a finger, as well as the ongoing customer support you’ll be offered by the company in question. On the other hand, they’re more expensive, and there’s really no need to get your system professionally installed, when the DIY process is usually straightforward. 

I want a home security system but I’m worried about the cost. Is it expensive?

The answer is that it doesn’t have to be. A basic, bare bones home security system can cost as little as $15/month, although basic systems from some companies cost up to $35/month. There are a number of ways the price could increase, however, which are worth taking into account. One of these factors are the quality of equipment you decide on in your package; another is what kind of general plan you opt for. Still another factor that could raise the cost is whether or not you need the system professionally installed, which you can expect to add another few hundred dollars to the bill.