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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is a home security system a worthwhile investment in Fresno, CA?

California is the most populated state in the nation, and that means there are going to be pockets where crime exceeds the national average. While you may love everything about living in Fresno, CA, the fact still remains that it doesn’t rank so well on the crime scale. The city of Fresno earns an F in crime, which is concerning for anyone who lives or works in the area. In Fresno, property crimes occur at a rate that’s 63% higher than the average for the rest of the country. Home security systems are a worthwhile investment for keeping yourself, and your home, safe in Fresno. 

I’ve been hearing about automated home security. What does this mean?

Smart home innovations are popular topics these days. Technology has made it possible to control just about every element of the home environment from a remote location. Automated home security is a term that’s used to describe smart technology that keeps your home safe. Automated home security systems enable you to operate, monitor and manage your system from a remote location. Automated systems are ideal for individuals who spend a great deal of time away from home, either for leisure or work purposes. 

Is it necessary to pay for an alarm monitoring service with my home security system?

Criminals are going to look for prime opportunities to break into your home. Chances are this is going to be when you’re not on the premises. Having a security system alone is enough to deter some criminals, but you also need a service that works to protect your home when you’re not there to do so. Alarm monitoring services are an important component of an effective home security system. Most alarm monitoring services are affordable enough to fit into even modest budgets.

What is the most cost-effective approach to home security installation?

If cost is a concern, DIY installation is often the best option. With a DIY installation, you’re only paying the cost for the system itself and any additional monthly monitoring fees. Professional installation services can cost upwards of a couple hundred dollars to install, depending on how extensive the job. That said, if you’ve chosen a wired system, hiring a professional to do the installation can save you money in the long run. 

Should I consider a wired or wireless system as a long-term home security solution?

Both wired and wireless solutions have their strong points. When looking at long term home security solutions, it’s important to consider how your life may change in the future. For instance, if there’s a possibility you might be moving in the next few years, a wireless system is exponentially easier to install and uninstall as a DIY project. Wireless systems are also preferred among those who are frequently away form home due to their automated technologies and remote monitoring capabilities.

Should I look into automated home security options?

Personal factors weigh into the answer to this question but in general, the answer is yes. Automated security allows you to better control and monitor your home security when you’re not on the premises. Plus, if an issue does arise while you’re at home, automated security options enable you to respond in the safest possible manner. 

How much of an investment is a home security system? 

There are many factors that influence the price of a home security system. Whether you choose a wired or wireless system, professional or DIY installation, and the scope of function and capabilities of your system all factor into the cost. Generally speaking, you can expect to spend upwards of $200 for the cost of the system, plus installation. You’ll also want to shop around and compare monitoring services and the monthly fees associated with them.