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Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I get by without a home security system?

It’s certainly possible to own a home and not protect it with a home security system, but in doing so you’re exposing yourself and your loved ones to the very real danger of a home invasion. In Indianapolis, IN, property crime is 82% more frequent compared to the state average, and 87% more likely to occur when measured against the U.S. as a whole. Indianapolis is only the 34th safest city in the state, so there really isn’t a good argument to be made for not installing a home security system, which will offer you peace of mind on top of protecting your home.

What do I need to think about before settling on a home security system?

Buying a home security system involves making a list of the features you need included, and then either finding an off-the-rack package that fits the bill, or getting a company to craft you a customized product. Some of the things to consider include how many cameras you need; whether you need both interior and exterior cameras; whether you want a wireless system or a traditional one; and whether or not you want to install it on your own or with the help of professional servicemen.

How does home automation keep my family safe?

Home automation is a catch-all term applied to different kinds of smart technology that can be used to handle the protection of your property. As well as being hi-tech and reliable, these features (such as automatic locking functionality and smart monitoring strategies) can offload some of the stress of keeping your family safe by giving you less to worry about. Computers are known to make fewer mistakes than humans, and home automation ensures you’ll never forget to lock the back door.

Is moving my home security system from one house to another possible?

Yes, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to take your home security system with you from one property to another. How exactly you’ll go about doing that depends on how it was installed. If it was a DIY job, all it takes is unscrewing all the cameras and removing the control panel, whereas if it was professionally installed, it shouldn’t take more than giving the company a call, who will generally be happy to help you out with the moving process.

How do infrared security cameras work?

Infrared cameras are one of the more advanced home security system features on the market. They can detect how much heat is being emitted from a person / object, which helps them to see in low light. They do this by measuring a different light spectrum, which isn’t visible to the human eye, and can add another layer of reliability to any home security system.

Are there general rules I can follow to work out how much a home security system might cost me?

In terms of monthly costs, the prices for basic home security systems vary, with the lowest being around $15/month and the most expensive starting at closer to $40. However, the options you choose to include in your home security system will raise the price. Advanced features like motion sensors cost extra, as does the installation method used: professionally installed systems will always be more expensive than DIY options.