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Frequently Asked Questions 

Why should I get a home security system if I already feel safe in my home?

Long Beach, CA is a beautiful city with palm tree lined streets and plenty of sunshine. In such a lush setting it can be easy to forget that that things aren’t always as they seem. While residents of Long Beach overwhelmingly feel safe in their homes, there is the fact that the city ranks well above the average in both violent and property crimes. Even if you feel safe in your home, a home security system is essential for protecting everything that’s important to you. 

Does a home security system really provide additional protection for my home?

If you feel safe in your home, it can be difficult to see the benefit of adding a home security system – especially from a cost standpoint. The simple fact remains that burglaries and theft can occur anywhere at any time and having a home security system in place is one way to keep your dwelling as safe as possible. When looking at which factors motivate burglars, and which ones deter them, the presence of a home security system turned off a potential criminal in the majority of cases. 

What’s the best home security system for my home?

There’s no one size fits all answer to this question. The best security system for your home depends on a number of factors. For instance, the size of your home and whether you want smart automation capabilities will factor into whether you should choose a wired or wireless system. If your home has a high property value or whether you live in a high crime area can determine if you need additional services and capabilities. 

Why should I consider home automation options?

Home automation allows you to operate, manage and control your home security system from your smartphone, even from a remote location when you’re on vacation. One of the reasons you want a home security system in the first place is to protect your property when you’re not there – which also happens to be when your home is the most vulnerable to crime. 

Even if you’re uncomfortable with smart technology, automated home security systems feature capabilities that are simple and intuitive to use. Home automation options also provide an additional level of security for individuals who might feel more vulnerable and want the security of being able to manage their system from a more secure, remote location in the home. 

How involved is the installation of a home security system?

This depends on the type of home security system you choose. The installation of wired home security systems is more complex and involved than wireless systems. If you choose a wired system, you should plan on having a professional come out to handle the installation since drilling, wiring and dealing with electricity is involved. Wireless systems are much simpler and can usually be installed on a DIY basis with few complications. 

Are DIY installed systems as reliable as those that are professionally installed?

The topic of reliability among the different types of home security systems is often a point of contention in the industry. Wired systems, which require the assistance of professional installation, have a reputation of being more reliable than their wireless counterparts. Wired systems are also complex enough that there’s a great deal that can wrong if you try to manage installation on your own. 

Wireless system on the other hand, don’t require professional installation, and today’s options match their wired counterparts in terms of reliability. To answer this question more directly, if you have a wired system, professional installation is necessary for maximum reliability. However, wireless systems offer the same level of protection with DIY capabilities. 

Will the monthly fees associated with a home security system fit in my budget?

Cost is often perceived as a prohibitive factor in choosing a home security system. Yes, there is an expense upfront but it’s often the “unknowns” of the monthly fees that cause people to think twice before signing up. The cost of monthly monitoring services is probably less than what you think it is. While fees will vary depending on the service provider and your location, they tend to average between $20 to $50 per month, which is feasible for most budgets.