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Frequently Asked Questions 

Why should I get a home security system in Memphis?

Memphis may be the home to some of the world’s best BBQ and music scenes but, beneath that beautiful layer, the city is struggling with a serious epidemic of property crime. When looking at Tennessee as a whole, Memphis ranks only a few spots away from being dead last when it comes to property crime. In fact, the property crime rate in Memphis is more than double the state average, and the gap between Memphis and the national average for property crime is even wider. Having a home security system can provide you with some protection and peace of mind in the face of these shocking statistics.

How difficult is a DIY home security system to set up?

When many people consider setting up a home security system, they are deterred by what they believe may be a challenging task. The truth is that DIY home security systems are designed to be user-friendly both during the setup process and when monitoring your home. Wireless systems prevent the need to run cables throughout your home, cloud storage makes reviewing and saving important video a breeze, and you don’t need any specialized tools to complete the job. Even an inexperienced, non-tech savvy user can set up their own home security system just by following the simple instructions provided with the product.

Is alarm monitoring an important feature?

Most home security systems offer alarm monitoring services for an additional cost. Is this feature really worth it? This will ultimately come down to your personal needs and budget, but there are some very good benefits to having alarm monitoring. First, it’s almost impossible to respond personally to all alarm notifications you may get. You have to be able to live and work without constantly keeping an eye out for alarm notifications. If you go on vacation, will you have adequate data coverage to continue to monitor your home security system? Secondly, alarm monitoring gives you the support of professionals who can connect and share information with law enforcement seamlessly to help reduce response times and increase the chances the criminal is caught.

What are the best home security features?

Cameras are an essential part of a home security system, and there are a wide variety of camera types available. Look for cameras with high definition video in both regular and low-light situations. Outdoor cameras are a great addition to monitor the exterior of your property and must be spec’d to handle the elements. Door and window sensors also provide added peace of mind as they can notify you or the alarm monitoring company when a suspected break-in has occurred. Cloud storage versus internal storage is another feature consideration that can make accessing and sharing video from your home security system easier.

Are wireless home security systems reliable?

A home security system is only valuable if it does its job when needed. These systems are designed to be very reliable and require little maintenance to avoid downtime. Be sure to closely read the manufacturer’s instructions for regular maintenance to ensure your system continues to run reliably over time. For example, wireless sensors may need to have regular battery replacements. In addition, some software may need to be updated as manufacturers make improvements to their products. A stable Internet connection and regular checks for available updates will help to ensure you get the best performance – and have the most reliability – from your system.

How much does a home security system cost?

The cost of a home security system ultimately depends on the size of your property and the components you wish to add. Cameras are the most essential part, and each one will add to your up-front cost setup costs, which start a few hundred dollars and increase from there. Additional components, like door locks and wireless sensors, will also increase your costs. Features like alarm monitoring and cloud storage will require a monthly subscription fee, which starts at roughly $15/month. Also keep in mind that DIY home security systems will typically cost far less than a system that’s been professionally installed and requires a long-term contract.