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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I really need a home security system if I’m living in Milwaukee? 

No matter how safe you may feel, the statistics about property crime in Milwaukee are damning. With these kinds of crime happening 60% more frequently than the national average—and a staggering 109% more frequently than the state average—it’s no surprise that Milwaukee only comes in at number 68 on the list of the safest cities in Wisconsin. Taking these figures into consideration, it’s safe to say that a home security system is practically a necessity if you want to ensure that your loved ones are protected to the best of your ability. 

Is DIY installation too technical for regular people to perform?

No, DIY installations are often straightforward enough for even non-technical people to be able to succeed. And in fact, there are only a few things that need to be done in order to install a home security system yourself. The first is to go around drilling enough holes for all of the cameras and sensors that came with the package you order, as well as a space for the control panel. Then all you have to do is run wiring through the house in order to connect the equipment to the control panel.

Is alarm monitoring necessary?

Alarm monitoring is a handy feature to have included in your home security system package, and can often be worth the extra few dollars it’ll cost you. At its most basic, it’s a way to automate alerting the authorities if somebody has broken in. You can set your control panel up to automatically alert the appropriate services if it registers a certain kind of break-in. While it may not be necessary, it’s a very helpful feature to have.

What kind of advanced features are available for home security systems?

Most of the advanced features you’ll be able to include in your home security system have to do with the equipment itself, i.e. the cameras and sensors. Cameras can be interior or exterior, and some have night-vision or infrared capabilities, while one of the more advanced kinds of sensor is the motion sensor, which detects movements. Wireless capability is another example of an advanced feature you could include in your package.

Do I need a home security system if I live in an apartment?

Home security systems are always a good idea, no matter where you live. Apartments get broken into just as regularly as standard homes, so there’s really no point in leaving yourself open to a potential home invasion, especially as apartments can be perfectly well-integrated with home security packages. 

What kind of costs will I be looking at with a home security system?

In terms of the basic models available, initial monthly costs range from around $15/month at the lower end of the spectrum to $35/month at the higher end. However, systems you’ll get for these prices don’t generally come with some of the more advanced features available, like wireless functionality and professional installation, each of which will cost you more on average per month than the standard package.