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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it feasible to have a home security installed in my New York, NY home?

City dwellers in NYC know that the housing options are a little untraditional compared to what’s available elsewhere in the country. Many people live in apartments, condos, and penthouses in buildings with shared housing. You may rent or own you home, but either way, installing a home security system can be a challenge. Many buildings in NYC have security features in place, but in a city where violent crimes are 51% higher than other areas of New York, looking at your options for home security is a must for personal safety. 

My New York City home is a rental. Can I still install a home security system?

For many, living in New York City means living in an apartment or rental home. With crime rates being what they are, rental residents have every reason to be just as concerned about their safety as homeowners. Traditional wired systems, which often require an extensive and invasive installation process, typically aren’t allowed by rental property owners. An option that renters do have, however, is to install a wireless home security system, which is minimally invasive and comes with the reliability you’re looking for. 

Does a wireless home security system offer the type of reliability that I need while living in the city?

It’s arguable that wireless home security systems are even more reliable than their wired counterparts. Because they don’t require electricity or complicated wiring, they’re also not susceptible to the same vulnerabilities that take down wired systems. For instance, power outages, building construction, and even rodents that get into the walls of old buildings and chew on wires. The reliability of wireless systems today is top-notch, especially in larger cities.

Can I install a wireless home security system on my own?

Yes, you can install a wireless system on your own. The installation of a wireless system is straightforward and relatively simple – especially compared to the installation of a hardwired system. If you have a little bit of time and some common household tools, installing a wireless system is a breeze. Of course, if you’re uncomfortable with it, you can hire a professional to come in and do the job. 

What types of security features are most important for protecting my home?

This depends on what type of home you live in, and what your biggest safety concerns are. The basics of a good home security system include indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, window and door sensors, doorbell sensors, motion sensors, glass break sensors, key fobs, environmental sensors, and automated home security features. 

What should I know about automated home security?

Automated home security features enable you to operate, monitor, and manage your system from any remote location where you have an Internet or cell phone connection. This is a major advantage for people that want to monitor their home security while they’re at work, or away on travel. There are also more practical uses for an automated home security system if you live in the big city. For instance, you can ensure that your system is active if you hear news of a safety issue in your neighborhood, or you can turn on lights and surveillance cameras as you approach your door. 

What can I expect to pay for a home security system in New York?

The cost for a home security system in New York City depends on what type of system you choose and the features it comes with. A baseline model will cost in the ballpark of $200, but the average price for a good home security system is closer to the $350 range. Some systems with more advanced features will cost more. If you choose a wired system that requires installation, expect to pay upwards of $200 for someone to come to your home and install the equipment. Wireless systems don’t require additional installation costs. In NYC, the fees for monitoring services range from $15-$55 per month.