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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I need a video surveillance system for my Oakland, CA home?

Home security systems are important for protecting your property in Oakland, CA where the rate of property crimes is 140% higher than the average for the state of California and 153% higher than the national mean. Home security systems that feature video surveillance are a key asset in protecting your home, and everyone in it, from the threat of intruders. 

How does a surveillance system protect my home from intruders?

One of the biggest perks of a home surveillance system is its ability to deter intruders before they actually break into your home. There’s evidence to suggest that the majority of criminals are turned off when they see a home is protected by a surveillance system. They want their jobs to be as easy as possible, and a home security system that includes camera monitoring makes it incredibly difficult to get and out unseen. A surveillance system can also trigger your alarm monitoring center, which can then send emergency assistance while the intruder is still on the premises. 

Is it really necessary to use both indoor and outdoor cameras for ultimate protection?

The short answer to this question is yes. Outdoor cameras allow you to keep track of who’s coming to your door, and any other suspicious activity that may occur on the premises. Outdoor cameras provide you with the security of catching a potential intruder before they have the chance to enter your home. They’re also useful in identifying suspicious individuals in your neighborhood and catching anyone who attempts to steal packages from your doorstep. 

Indoor cameras offer an additional layer of security by monitoring what’s happening inside your home at all times. Indoor cameras are especially useful when you have a number of people coming and going from inside your home. They also provide reassurance if you have caregivers who come in to take care of your children or loved ones who need extra assistance. 

Can you explain the difference between wireless and hardwired home security systems?

The basic difference between wired and wireless systems is how information is transmitted. Wired systems rely on electrical communications through a more complex network. Some people view them as more reliable, but they’re also more susceptible to natural disasters and can be disabled by criminals that understand how to cut the wires. Wireless systems rely on radio frequencies to transmit information – much in the same way that your wireless internet connection works. Because they’re less complex, they can usually be installed without the help of a professional. They’re also preferred by individuals who move frequently or plan on selling their home in the near future because the installation is less intrusive. 

I’m apprehensive about DIY installation. Should I trust a professional instead?

If you’re choosing a wired home security system, the answer to this question is yes. Wired systems require a complex installation process that’s best left in the hands of a professional. If you’re opting for a wireless system, installation is something that can be handled on your own, unless you’re more comfortable trusting a professional to do it instead. 

How can I protect my home when I’m away on an extended vacation? 

Automated home security service is the ultimate way of protecting your home while you’re away. It’s one thing to have your neighbors check in on your dog and gather your mail, but a smart criminal knows all the other signs that you’re away. Automated home security allows you to operate and monitor your home security from a remote location with ease. 

What are the monthly fees associated with alarm monitoring services?

There are a range of alarm monitoring service providers, which means there’s also a range in monthly costs. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $20 to $50 per month in monitoring fees. With that said, however, expensive isn’t always better. It’s best to take a comprehensive look at your options and read customer testimonials to determine which alarm monitoring service provider will meet your needs.