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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is a home security system really necessary?

We live in uncertain times, and crime is unavoidable. Victims of home burglaries never think it can happen to them… until it does.  And unfortunately for residents of the Phoenix metro area, it doesn’t even rank in the top 10 safest cities in the state. In fact, it clocks in at 34, with property crime rates that are 26% higher than the state average, and 55% higher than the national average.  If you want to protect your loved ones and your belongings, as well has have peace of mind at night, a home security system is no longer a “luxury.” It’s a necessity.

Why choose a wireless security system over more traditional, hard-wired options?

Recent technological advances have made wireless security systems an affordable reality for homeowners in Phoenix. They provide convenience that simply isn’t possible with traditional systems, and are also the easiest to install, since no holes need to be drilled nor endless feet of wiring run. They are also incredibly secure, since a burglar can’t cut through wires to deactivate the system.

What does “automated home security” mean?

Home automation is a cost-effective option that’ll eliminate much of the stress involved with keeping your home secure. Systems can be configured with your smartphone, which means you no longer need to worry about whether you forgot to lock the front door or close the garage.  Now, at the click of a button on your phone, you can tell you what’s open and what’s closed, and even remotely lock and unlock your doors. What’s more, automated home security systems can send text and email notifications, so that you know the minute someone enters – or leaves – your home.

What are the most important features of a home security system in Phoenix?

The single most important component of a home security system is the number – and quality – of the cameras. The next box to check is how the system is managed. Is it handled centrally, and if so, how user-friendly is the interface? Is the system itself wireless, and if so, can it be monitored and controlled via smartphones and tablets? These are all things to keep in mind as you’re evaluating your options.

Do I need both interior and exterior cameras?

Home security system technology is currently at a stage where both interior and exterior cameras are viable options. The cameras you end up using for your own home security system will most likely be based on personal preference, as well as budget.  Advanced options, like motion sensors and even night-vision-capable monitors, can also be included as part of your overall home security system plan. Many homeowners find motion sensors to be especially useful, since they make it easy to skip through useless footage in which nothing happens and jump right to the timestamp of when there’s actual activity detected.

What types of costs are associated with setting up a home security system in Phoenix?

The costs associated with setting up a home security system will vary considerably. With more and more companies entering the home security space, costs have decreased considerably in recent years as competition heats up.  On average, costs are affordable and start around $15/month, with more extensive plans commanding higher rates. One thing you’ll need to take into account when price shopping is the type of installation each company you’re evaluating offers. If the system you’re looking at can only be installed professionally, you can expect to add another few hundred dollars or so onto the monthly cost for the hardware and software.