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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I need a home security system, even if where I live is relatively safe?

Even though the answer is that you can never be too careful when it comes to whether or not you need a home security system, this is especially true in San Antonio, Texas. Coming in as the 136th safest city in the state, property crime is 89% higher than the rest of the state, and 105% greater than the national average.

When are motion sensors useful?

Motion sensors either trigger an alarm or make a mark in the total amount of footage the cameras have recorded whenever they detect a certain amount of movement within the area they’re observing. While this can be useful in an area where it’s not likely that you’ll get much movement outside your house, it’s worth noting that in wooded areas where animals frequently romp around during the night, you may find your motion sensor being triggered far too often for non-alarm scenarios, so it’s important to consider the environs of your home.

Is DIY installation complicated?

The good news is that DIY installation isn’t complicated at all, and for most systems can be performed perfectly well by a regular person—that is to say, somebody who isn’t a handyman or who doesn’t have specific technical training. Often, it’s not any more involved than simply drilling holes for the various cameras, sensors, and other pieces of equipment (as well as for the control panel itself) and then running wires through to connect the whole package together.

Is a wireless system worth the extra price?

Wireless home security systems come with a number of pluses, which justify the typically higher price point that those packages will cost. Amongst the pluses are the fact that you don’t need any wires, so installation is even easier than usual, and that the system will keep working even in conditions under which your house loses power, on account of the battery-powered nature of the equipment. Whether or not these benefits are enough to offset the total price is going to depend on your specific situation.

Is it really necessary to have a ‘smart’ home security system?

Smart home security systems generally make use of different amounts of home automation features, such as the ability to check the video feed from your cameras on your smartphone, as well as the functionality to lock or unlock doors remotely, as the situation calls for it. These can make the entire process a lot less stressful, but will typically come at a higher price. Generally, however, the technology is a good thing to include if you can afford it.

What’s a general rule of thumb for how much home security systems cost?

Starting prices for the most basic packages range around $15/month, although as more features are added on, you can expect that number to increase considerably. Professional installation is guaranteed to add at least a couple hundred dollars or so to the final figure, while advanced cameras, motion sensors, home automation features, and how smart the system is will all contribute to an increased price tag as well.