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The oldest—and possibly the most trusted—home security provider in the U.S.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

I have locks on all my doors. Why would I need a home security system?

Unfortunately, the days when locks are enough to protect your home are long gone, especially if you’re living in Seattle, which clocks in at the 46th safest city in Washington. When it comes to the hard facts about property crime in Seattle, it occurs more than 65% more frequently than the rest of the state, and 122% more than the national average, so home security systems are a must to keep your family and your property safe and secure.

Is it possible to bring a home security system with me when I move houses?

Yes, it’s totally possible to do so. As a matter of fact, it can often be easy. If you’ve installed the system in your home yourself, you’ll already know where all the wires, panels, and other pieces of equipment are, so it’s just a matter of removing everything and packing it into your trunk. If the package was professionally installed, the company will be able to help you with the removal, making it still easier for you to bring it with you to the new location.

How complicated are home security systems?

Home security systems vary in terms of how involved they are, but as a rough rule of thumb, there are two main things to consider. The first part is the equipment itself, which includes sensors and cameras. The second part is the control panel, which can be thought of as the brain of the whole system, to which every piece of equipment is connected and which runs the whole show. As long as you imagine each camera being directly connected to the control panel, but not to other cameras, it should be relatively easy to visualize the system as a whole.

Which system is best for me?

While there are a number of top-quality off-the-rack systems available, the best home security system for your particular situation is going to be one that has been custom-built to account for your specific requirements and needs. Most companies offer a customizable option, and will allow you to work with them in order to design the perfect system for what you need it to do, and any customized system will always perform better than a standard package for you.

Is a wireless system worth the extra cost?

This depends largely on where you live. The only downside to wireless home security systems (apart from the cost) is the fact that in areas with patchy reception, they don’t work flawlessly all the time. If, however, you have good connection possibilities, wireless systems offer an added amount of robustness and convenience, because they can keep running even during power outages, and don’t require a ton of wiring to set up.

Some packages I’ve been looking at are super expensive. Are there ways around this?

Home security systems don’t have to be prohibitively expensive, and in most cases, they just aren’t. Many times, the package you’re looking at might include some hidden costs, such as professional installation, motion sensors, or wireless capability, all of which drive up the price and none of which are absolutely required for a functioning system. As a matter of fact, a no-frills home security system can cost as little as $15-30/month, so there’s no reason you should be price out completely.