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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it worth the cost to install a home security system in my Tampa home?

As a resident of Tampa, you already know that the crime rate in the area isn’t exceptionally higher than that of the state as a whole. In fact, when it comes to property crimes, Tampa comes in at about 31% lower than the state of Florida and 26% below the national average. These numbers might have you wondering if it’s worth the cost to install a home security system in your Tampa home. Crime can happen anywhere at any time, so the answer to this question is 100% yes. 

What are the top features for a home security system in Tampa?

The top features that you’re going to want to look for in a home security system in Tampa depend entirely on your individual needs. The features that you think matter most might not be as important to the next person. This is why it’s important to do a thorough assessment of your home and security needs before choosing a system. Are you looking for a comprehensive system with all the bells and whistles, or are you interested primarily in surveillance? Is indoor or outdoor security more important? How much time do you spend away from home? Questions like these will help you pinpoint the features you’re really looking for. 

Can you explain what automated home security is?

Automated home security is essentially “smart home” security. An automated home security system has remote capabilities that enable you to operate, monitor and manage your system from a remote device. This is ideal if you travel frequently or work long days. It’s also reassuring to know if you suspect something is happening while you’re in bed, you address the situation where you are without getting up and risking your safety. 

So, if I want automated home security, do I need a wireless system?

Wireless home security systems offer the most in terms of providing automated capabilities. Wireless systems are already connected to the network needed for automated security benefits Plus, there are numerous other advantages to choosing a wireless system, including reliability.

How extensive is the installation for a wireless home security system?

If you’re leaning toward choosing a wireless home security system, you’ll be happy to learn that installation is a breeze. In contrast to wired systems, which are complicated to install and require professional assistance, wireless systems can usually be installed on a DIY basis. Even if you prefer to have someone install and set up your wireless system, it’s a less involved – meaning less costly – process. 

Are there other advantages of wireless vs wired that I should know about?

One of the most important advantages of wireless over wired systems is reliability. Granted, this wasn’t always the case, and many in the home security industry are just now beginning to see how wireless the more reliable option is. For starters, there is less that can go wrong with a wireless system. A power outage, natural disaster, or anything that might damage your wiring can affect the reliability of a hardwired system. Wired systems also aren’t equipped with automated capabilities, which theoretically can reduce their effectiveness while you’re away. 

What are the monthly fees for a home security system in Tampa?

The monthly fees associated with your home security system cover alarm monitoring services. Just as there is a range of alarm monitoring service providers in the Tampa area, there is also quite a range in price plans. It is possible to find more economical options in Tampa that start at about $20 per month. The average seems to hover closer to $30 per month but can exceed $50 per month with some providers. It’s important to do your research, look at what each provider offers and compare that to the price structure when making a decision about which company you choose.