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The oldest—and possibly the most trusted—home security provider in the U.S.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

My neighborhood is totally safe. Why would I need a home security system?

Even though Virginia Beach is known to be among the safer places to live in the state (it comes in at number 20 on the list of the safest Virginia cities), it wouldn’t be wise to assume you’re completely safe by default. Property crime occurs almost 10% more often than in other places in Virginia, and even though Virginia Beach is safer when compared to the national average, that won’t be of much comfort if you do happen to be one of the unlucky ones whose home gets invaded.

Are wireless systems worth the extra cost?

Wireless capability is known to drive up the price of the overall home security system package, but not without good reason. For one thing, the convenience of not needing to run wires everywhere makes installation a breeze; for another, wireless systems can keep running even if the power lines to your property get cut, because the equipment is battery powered. 

Do I really need infrared cameras?

Infrared cameras are all the rage lately when it comes to home security systems, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessary. Essentially, what they offer is increased visibility in low-light scenarios, such as those in which a standard camera would have a hard time functioning. Infrared cameras detect heat in various bodies, so they can be a good addition to a package to add even more overall versatility. 

How important is professional installation?

Professional installation is one of the standard features companies can include in order to drive the price of the product up, but that doesn’t mean it should be ignored completely as an option for your own system. The main benefits of professional installation are peace of mind, convenience, and support.  You’ll know for a fact that your system has been set up correctly, you don’t have to do any of it yourself, and the company will be there to help in case anything goes wrong. 

Is it necessary to get some kind of permit for my system?

While the law says that you don’t need a permit in order to set up a home security system, it also says that you do need one to operate it. Practically speaking, it makes sense to go and check with your local authorities before you agree on any package with a manufacturer. Unlicensed alarms can be subject to surprisingly heavy fines, so make sure you’ve done all your research beforehand to protect yourself as much as possible.

How much should a home security system cost on a monthly basis?

The answer to this question will vary depending on what exact kind of budget structure you’re working with, but in general there are a few rules of thumb, which will be helpful to keep in mind as you’re evaluating the price points of different systems. One of these is the monthly cost, which is included as a base expense for the packages, and can start from as low as around $15 or $20/month. As you add on additional features to the baseline package – like wireless capability of professional installation, you can expect the cost to increase accordingly, so be sure to keep this in mind for budgeting purposes.