Top 100 Safest Cities in America

Unlike many uniformly safe countries in Western Europe and East Asia, how safe you are in the United States varies depending on where you are in the country. Crime rates fluctuate considerably from city to city, and even between neighborhoods within a city. That’s why it’s so crucial to know which communities are safe, and […]

Safest Cities in Ohio – 2021

On a whole, the outlook on crime in Ohio is fairly positive, as the state’s 2018 violent crime rate of 2.8 offenses per 1,000 people was about 24% lower than the national average, while its property crime rate was just a notch lower than nationwide levels. However, Ohio’s safest cities do even better, boasting low […]

Safest Cities in Pennsylvania – 2021

In spite of the fact that its largest city, Philadelphia, logged a crime rate nearly 3 times higher than the national rate in 2018, Pennsylvania recorded violent and property crime rates significantly below the national averages. This indicates that the relative safety of its smaller municipalities more than balances higher crime in the state’s urban […]