Best VPNs for 2022

Table of Contents Research shows 81% of people hop on public Wi-Fi with regularity. Even though many people know that public internet connections aren’t secure and are shared by hundreds of users at a time, people are willing to take the risk. It’s not uncommon for people to check their email at a coffee shop, shop for […]

Florida is the Worst State for Holiday Crime: See Holiday Crime Rankings By State

During the holidays, people are busy shopping, attending events, and preparing for big meals, but criminals are busy too. The holiday season is an opportune time to strike. With people carrying more cash and homes filled with expensive gifts, the holiday season creates a perfect environment for crime. In an effort to inform homeowners about […]

Best DIY Security Systems – 2022


Table of Contents Abode Security Abode Security is the new kid on the block. The company started a few years ago, and took on many of the benefits offered by SimpliSafe, by offering a system that’s easy to install and doesn’t lock customers into contracts for professional monitoring. To buy a system, homeowners start with […]

Best Self-Monitored Home Security Systems – 2022


Table of Contents iSmart Alarm iSmartAlarm offers more homeowners self-monitored security packages that offer complete home coverage. The company has created a series of starter kits that include more than its competitors offer. The packages include cameras, contact sensors, smart switches, remote tags, and motion sensors. The company has a reputation for creating high-quality security equipment. Unlike other companies that do offer […]

Best Home Security Systems with No Contract – 2022


Table of Contents Cove Rating: 4.1  4.4/5  4.1/5 Simple to install and easily synced across devices. See Pricing Cove is one of the newest home security systems on the market, and the company offers a free quiz on its website to help homeowners identify the necessary equipment. Cove also offers a lifetime equipment warranty, […]

Best Home Security Alarm Systems for Apartments – 2022

Table of Contents While most people don’t think of apartments when they hear about home burglaries and invasions, it turns out that apartments are 85% more likely to be robbed than single family homes. This makes it all the more important to consider home security systems that will keep thieves and intruders at bay, while […]

Best Home Security Systems for Renters – 2022

Table of Contents Home security systems have come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. And thankfully, renters no longer need to set an appointment with a professional installer, nor pay exorbitant amounts, to feel safer in their homes. Modern alarm systems offer flexibility, convenience, and peace of mind. As a renter, […]

Best Wireless Alarm Systems – 2022

Table of Contents Best Wireless Alarm Systems There are criminals out there who care nothing for what others feel or the fundamental right of people to be secure in their own homes. Every day they’re looking for properties they can classify as “a pushover.” The good news is that the vast majority of such criminals […]

Most Dangerous Countries for Travel

According to the World Tourism Organization, tourism to every continent (save for Antarctica) increased in 2018. In fact, international tourism is at a never before seen peak, spurned by an increase in average incomes around the world, the convenience of booking trips over the internet, and the development of additional tourist sector infrastructure in South […]

Women Are Being Murdered on the Job at an Alarming Rate

April is workplace violence awareness month and statistics show women are nearly three times more likely to be murdered on the job, compared to men. Homicides account for 22 percent of all female workplace deaths between 2011 and 2017. For men, it only accounts for eight percent of deaths on the job. We wanted to […]