LifeShield Medical Alert System Review – 2022

Summary If 24/7 professional medical alert monitoring and medical panic button devices are top priority when you choose your home security system, LifeShield might not be the best option. It’s reasonably flexible but lacks equipment for proper medical alert monitoring, such as medical pendants, wristbands, or long-range GPS trackers available with some of their competitors. […]

Protect America Medical Alert System Review – 2022

Summary Protect America offers multiple ways of triggering its medical alert, and its home security system is on the affordable side. But its equipment is short-range, which may not be apt for people prone to wandering. Quality and Warranty Protect America uses equipment and mobile app support for its home security and medical monitoring […]

ADT Medical Alert System Review – 2022

Summary The ADT medical alert systems can be a feasible option for aging people and anyone with health issues living alone or with a spouse, as well as active seniors who are often out and about. Quality and Warranty All of ADT medical alert devices are covered by a price-lock guarantee, ForeverRate, which means you […]

SimpliSafe Medical Alert System Review – 2022

Summary SimpliSafe is an excellent home security system, and if you’ve already invested in it, it makes sense to add a few panic buttons to your system. But if you are only looking for a home security system with a robust implementation of medical alert monitoring, the SimpliSafe solution is only mediocre. Quality and Warranty […]

LiveWatch Medical Alert System Review – 2022

Summary LiveWatch is a competent but pricey home security monitoring system. Its medical alert features come as an afterthought, unfortunately. Quality and Warranty LifeWatch uses equipment, so you get the standard quality and generic looks. But with a 365-day return policy backed by a full refund guarantee, it makes sense to focus on its […]

Armorax Medical Alert System Review – 2022

Summary Armorax doesn’t put its medical alert features front and center, suggesting it’s not something they plan on improving in the nearest future. Their panic pendants and key fobs come from the well-established manufacturer, but overall, the system is not slated for seniors or people prone to falling or wandering. Quality and Warranty Armorax base […]

Link Interactive Medical Alert System Review – 2022

Quality and Warranty Link Interactive provides a 2-3-year warranty on the equipment it sells – GE, 2GIG, and Honeywell. Under warranty, the provider is responsible for replacing faulty sensors and fixing any device issues. With Link, you buy your equipment instead of leasing it. This means you can choose your components, and use them with […]

Nest Secure Medical Alerts System Review – 2022

Summary Most home security systems offer at least a panic button on their keychain remotes. Many provide standalone wearable panic pendants that are also water-resistant. Some go as far as powering their medical pendants with GPS trackers, and two-way voice assist. Medical panic button devices are essential parts of any home security system these days. […]

Scout Medical Alerts System Review – 2022

Summary Scout might be a massive step toward smart home security. But the lack of tangible – and reliable – panic button devices makes it unfit for use with medical alerts, especially if you are looking for medical panic button devices that can be used by not-so-technically-savvy users. Quality and Warranty Scout manufactures its equipment […]

Protect America Home Security System Review – 2022

Summary Protect America‘s DIY no-fees installation and activation paired with reasonably priced monitoring plans make it a feasible solution if you are looking for a long-term contract with moderate upfront costs. It’s also flexible when it comes to connectivity, as you can choose phone line, broadband cable line, or cellular service. Not all hardware is […]